A Friday column of all sorts of things [Commentary]

So here it is, a Friday paper with a column by myself. As co-worker Dewey Fox pointed out Wednesday, we switched days this week to accommodate my being out of the office Monday and Tuesday.

So, here's what I've got for a Friday, the first Friday in October.


With the President's Cup starting Thursday, it brought back a memory that jumped out at me like a monster at Halloween.

It was a statement by Tiger Woods, reference his son. I am not a true fan of Woods, but he did get my support with his words.

When Woods was asked whether his son was a Rickie Fowler fan, Woods said, "My kid is not going to wear a flat bill [cap]." Right on Tiger.

Those ridiculous hats are everywhere and I, who wears a hat more days than not in a given year, can't stand it. If it's not just a flat bill, the cap is also on someone's head quite crooked. And, flat or curved, there are those who wear them backward. Ugh.

A good looking hat has the right curve on the bill. That's that.

Now, I'm not sure we will endure anymore days/nights when thunderstorms disrupt one or more of our high school sporting events. If we do, however, here's a note to all.

That white looking streak of light that comes from the sky is lightning. I know, most of you are saying, duh, I know that. But, did you see lightning or lightening?

Lighten is sort of related to lightning, but I cannot find lightening in the dictionary. Look, I make up words all the time, but I know when it is lightning and what it means to athletic events.

Last month I received emails and texts alerting me that lightening was postponing games.

Hey, maybe it's those wonderful smart phones that have auto correct aids that really mess you up if you're not paying close attention? Just saying.

Speaking of cell phones, we're all aware of the cell phone law that's now in effect. It sort of irritates me.

I'm all for safe driving, but there are so many other things that go on inside cars these days that are potentially as harmful. Texting and driving is a no brainer, but if you keep an eye out you'll still see it.

Many of us drive with one hand as it is. Many of us eat, smoke or drink while driving. Some of you apply lipstick and other make-up items and others shave. I can honestly say I've never done any of those.

We've all had that disobedient kid in the back seat and we've all fiddled with a radio, CD player or CB radio.


Some will say if you're on the phone, then your attention is not on driving. I will agree with this at times, but if that's the case, how is a Bluetooth making a difference?

Law enforcement is exempt from such law, even when off-duty? They're only human, too. And on top of that, patrol cars are now armed with laptop computers to create possible further distraction for emergency responders? Am I missing something?

The fact is the law is the law. Be safe and be smart and arrive at your next sporting event safely.