Well, we know what time it is, since the calendar turned itself over to the month of September. It's football of all kinds and it seems like it's on every day.

College teams are already at it, while public high schools and professionals will follow suit this week. In fact, Thursday night will get the NFL season started and for all you beloved Ravens fans, you're ready.


I know a few Broncos fans, too, and I'm guessing they're ready as well. For the rest of us who have a liking for another team, well, it's still a few days away for us. Well, actually, depending on who's on your fantasy team, Thursday's game might still be rather interesting. For me, it's always interesting.

Now, here's something interesting that I heard late last week and it just might figure in as to why I am a Steelers fan today.

It was touted last week that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is 70 years old, has the brain of a 40-year old, based on CAT scans. That, if for no another reason, is interesting due to Jones' playing football in high school and college. Lots of former players with brain troubles are in the news, aren't there?

Anyway, here's what I'm thinking. The year was 1989 when the one and only Jones purchased the Cowboys, who at the time were my favorite team and had been since a Heisman Trophy winning running back named Tony Dorsett had been drafted by the club in 1977.

There were a number of good years over that 12 years, but some tough ones, too.

OK, so in 1989 Jones makes the move to fire Cowboys legendary head coach Tom Landry and that's where my loyalties came to a halt. My like for the Cowboys came with Dorsett's signing, but it became as much about Landry as it did any of the players over many of the years.

In 1989, which was 24 years ago, Jones changed football for me and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. But here's the catch for me.

Some 24 years ago, Jones was 46 right? Well, if he has the brain of a 40-year old today, what did he have as a 46-year old in 1989?

My math tells me the brain of a 16-year old. That's right folks, 16.

Now, I'm not bashing any 16-year old boys that I know. Just saying, what 16-year old boys do you know right now that have the capacity to make major decisions?

I know this a stretch and a bit out there, but I'm just trying to reason with the knee-jerk decision that changed football for me in 1989.

Here's what I can tell you though, reference the NFL season. First and foremost, I'd like to see the Cowboys lose as many games as possible and miss the playoffs for a fourth straight year.

As for the rest of the teams and the fans, let's remember, it's just a game.

High school football will be back in action Friday and Harford County will be loaded with action. Pick a game and go watch our athletes in action. Saturdays are reserved for the parks and rec kids. That's pretty good stuff, too.


Whatever football you choose, enjoy it, and be safe doing so.