Well, well, well.

If you recall what I said about the NFL conference championship games last week, then you know that I was right. Me pushing for the Packers and Colts in both games was a sure sign that the games were certain to end just the way they did.


Very painful in one case and extremely ugly in another. You can guess which one was which.

I any case, I actually didn't watch too much of either game as a grocery store trip cut out the best parts of the Packers game and when the Patriots started bombing the Colts with under-inflated footballs, there were other things more interesting to watch.

Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, I did see the last quarter of the Packers-Seahawks game. I kind of wish I didn't.

For those in this area who root for the Packers, I feel your pain. I really don't, but you know what I mean.

One can point a finger to any one of many plays that deemed significant in the Packers collapse, but in reality it was all of them. Just hard to watch.

As for the other game, I have one word. Really?

Let's just get right to the bottom of it. If it's true, and it looks pretty convincing to me, it's flat out cheating.

Since you can't guarantee who physically deflated the balls, then it falls at the top. Ask Saints coach Sean Payton?

The penalties here should be severe if found guilty. As a repeat offender, Bill Belichick, director of Spygate, should be no less banned from coaching for a year.

OK, enough with that subject matter.

Without Wednesday's brief snow event, I might have had some interesting words to write about a boys basketball game, but since it was postponed and rescheduled for Thursday, any words will have to wait.

I can say that C. Milton Wright was really wanting to play John Carroll and I can say that I was wanting to see the game, as well.

Other than a few bragging rights and CMW's 12-0 unbeaten record on the line, the game is just a game between two pretty good teams.

Switching gears to girls basketball, there's another game on tap Monday that is big. Aberdeen will visit Patterson Mill in round two of their UCBAC Chesapeake Division matchups.


The Huskies (8-3) took game one, 58-54, in mid-December. Aberdeen (10-1) hasn't lost since.

No prediction from me on this one, but if both teams are at full strength, I will lean a little toward the Eagles.

You know what that means? Patterson Mill wins.

Folks, we're just a few weeks away from the end of the winter regular seasons. Whew, that was fast wasn't it?

Time is running down, but there's still games and meets to be played. Get out and enjoy them.