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What a way to start to 2014 [Commentary]

It sure has been an interesting start to the year 2014.

Ugly but seasonable weather welcomed students and faculty back to school Thursday, which resulted in all after-school activities getting postponed.


Then, Friday's entire day and night were wiped out too, putting athletic directors on the run to figure out makeups.

Looking back though, Friday's day off wasn't called any time too soon. I recall getting the email in the early evening Thursday that Harford County Public Schools were set for two hours late on Friday.


Cecil County, meanwhile, had already made the decision that school were to be closed Friday. Harford, as we know, eventually followed suit, but not until that ugly hour in the A.M.

Now, fast forward to this week and what we experienced in just the first two days of it.

Schools in Harford opened two hours late Monday because of the fog. Yes people, fog. Snow and 30 degrees Thursday and Friday led to fog and 50 degrees Monday. I really believe this can only happen in Maryland.

Anyway, then comes Monday night and a fairly early announcement by Harford schools that schools were to be closed Tuesday because of the dangerous temperatures and wind chill effects.

My email came at 8:39 p.m. My wife got hers a minute or so before that.

That email and the phone calls that went out to homes alerting parents and students created a frenzy of sorts on the social media outlets of Twitter and Facebook. People were yapping about Harford closing, while at that same time, Cecil was not closed, but rather warning parents about the dangers of the cold and offering advice on how to deal with it.

It was just a matter of time though, as Cecil changed its tune right before 10 p.m. Schools were closed there as well on Tuesday.

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I know there are many who have real issue with this closing, but I couldn't agree more.


I have no idea what the number is in Harford County of walkers. Or how many walk to and stand waiting for the bus.

I was a walker, as were all my family and friends. We survived, but that was then.

The danger of this cold should be equal to the potential slippery roads. If you don't believe so, then step outside and stand for a while with less than adequate clothing. That's the reality of any number of school kids in Harford County.

OK, so I missed giving my NFL playoff picks as I didn't have a column prior to the start. Let me make it easy and say of the teams left, these are the teams I do not want to see win: Patriots, 49'ers, Seahawks, Saints. That leaves the Broncos, Chargers, Colts and Panthers. I can live with any of those as champions.

If it's true that defense wins championships, then the Super Bowl winner will be the Seahawks or the Panthers.

My pick today, Panthers 24, Colts 20.