Small plane crashes in Harford

The pilot of a small plane was injured Friday afternoon when his aircraft flipped over while landing on a grass runway at the Harford County Airport in Churchville, according to fire service and airport officials.

The crash of single engine plane was reported around 2 p.m. on the Harford Fire Blog's Facebook page. The post said the crash occurred near the Harford County Airport in the 3500 block of Aldino Road.


Rich Gardiner, spokesperson for the Harford County Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Association, said the plane flipped over while taxiing.

He said Level Volunteer Fire Company responded to the scene and took the pilot, a man, by ambulance to a regional trauma center.

He said the man's injuries were non-life threatening.

"There was no fire, no fuel spill," Gardiner said.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration's website, the plane was a Luscombe model and the accident happened when the aircraft landed short of the runway. The injury to the flight crew/pilot was classified as minor.

Airport manager Kevin Hess declined to release the pilot's name when contacted Tuesday. Hess said the pilot owns the aircraft, which is based at the Harford County Airport.

Hess said he talked to the pilot Saturday, and that he is "fine." He also said no airport facilities were damaged.

Brandon Ruble had been flying Friday afternoon to shoot pictures for his company, BMR Aerial Photography.

His safety pilot was preparing to land at the Harford County Airport when they saw the accident happen.

Ruble said in a Facebook message that the pilot "crashed about 100 yards prior to the runway and was able to exit the flipped plane and walk away from the accident under his own power."

Ruble, who also works as Harford County 911dispatcher, said he went over to help the injured pilot once his own aircraft had landed.