A 15-year-old student at Patterson Mill Middle/High School allegedly made threats of violence toward the school community on Wednesday, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said.

The male student sent a series of threatening text messages to another student, according to Cristie Hopkins, director of media relations for the Sheriff’s Office. The messages included a threat of violence, but she would not say if they were directed to a specific person or the school as a whole.


The messages were sent near the end of the school day, but law enforcement wasn’t notified until after school had dismissed for the day, Hopkins said.

Two Aberdeen eighth-graders charged in school shooting hoax

Police found that the reported threat on social media of a planned shooting was invented.

The student who made the threat was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, she said.

He was charged Thursday with making a threat of mass violence and disturbing school operations, Hopkins said.

Disciplinary action has been taken with regard to the student, according to Jillian Lader, manager of communications for Harford County Public School.

She said school administrators notified the Sheriff’s Office as soon as they were made aware of the threat.

The principal also notified the school community of the incident and of the school system’s cooperation with the Sheriff’s office investigation, Lader said. Additional patrol resources and school resource officers were at the school Thursday morning, she said.

“Being isolated to one person and that person being treated last night and not in school today certainly lowered the threat risk for today’s school,” Hopkins said.