Harford County Public Schools is launching a Parents Academy for the 2019-2020 school year, and it starts parents filling out a survey regarding what topics they would like to see addressed.

The Parent Academy will be a series of workshops intended to “designed to engage HCPS families as partners in their children’s education, working to provide families with useful information and resources they need to help their children succeed in school and in the community,” Superintendent Sean Bulson said in a statement.


“Each and every HCPS child needs a variety of resources to help them succeed.”

The survey opened on Monday, said Jillian Lader, a spokeswoman for the school system.

It will be available on the school system’s website, www.hcps.org, and sent to all parents who have an email address registered with HCPS. Parents may also receive a phone call telling them about the survey. Parents have until June 27 to complete the survey.

Early childhood, academic support, health and wellness, and preparing students for career and college are among the topics for workshops that will be offered throughout the ’19-’20 school year, said Mary Beth Stapleton, the coordinator of grants, business and community partnerships, curriculum, instruction and assessment.

The survey will help drill down into specifics parents would like to learn more about.

“We want to ask parents what they are interested in hearing more about, then asking our community partners to put together some information and set up those workshops up for next school year,” Stapleton said.

Those community partners are members of a standing committee put together based on feedback received from Bulson’s series of listen and learn sessions.

The committee is made up of principals, teachers, special education instructors, parents and a representative from Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

That group will be responsible for unpacking the results of the survey then formulating the workshops based on what parents say they need more information about, Stapleton said.

Committee members will also work out specifics of the workshops, such as when and where they will take place, though Stapleton said the hope is to offer them in a variety of locations around the county to make them convenient and accessible to parents.

“It’s really getting them the information they need to help them support their children out of school, that’s why it’s really important to hear back from them,” she said. “We want workshops to be designed specifically for what Harford County school parents need.”