Planned 86-unit residential development in Fallston draws criticism

In this 2012 file photo, developer Michael Euler Sr. talks about Aumar Village shopping center in Fallston. Euler is now planning an 86-unit residential development adjacent to the shopping center. A community input meeting on the development is set for Tuesday.
In this 2012 file photo, developer Michael Euler Sr. talks about Aumar Village shopping center in Fallston. Euler is now planning an 86-unit residential development adjacent to the shopping center. A community input meeting on the development is set for Tuesday. (Nicole Munchel / Aegis file photo)

A new housing project planned in Fallston is drawing negative reaction on social media from people who say no more residential development is needed.

The 86-unit, Aumar Village residential subdivision being developed by Michael Euler Sr. is planned on the property adjacent to the shopping center of the same name he developed at the intersection of Routes 1 and 152 (Belair Road and Mountain Road) and extends north toward Harford Road.

The Harford County Council approves a resolution encompassing fall 2018 updates to its master water and sewer plan, updates that reflect increased development in greater Bel Air, as well as an extension of utilities from the City of Aberdeen to the Ashley Addiction Treatment facility.

A community input meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Fallston Volunteer Fire Company at 2201 Carrs Mill Road.

The residential community will be geared toward the “step-down” market, Euler said.


“It’s for folks who have McMansions and want to stay in the area, but don’t want as much grass and maintenance,” Euler said.

This is the third project proposed on Euler’s Aumar Village property. An RV park was proposed in 2012 and an indoor athletic facility geared toward youth was considered in 2013.

“The community hated the RV park, so I withdrew that, and neighbors next door would have been affected,” Euler said. “I thought a sports complex would have been a good idea but didn’t have a tenant.”

The county’s development envelope was expanded in 2016 to include Aumar Village the property, which meant water and sewer could be extended to it. In 2017, the parcel was rezoned from agricultural to an R2 zoning at Euler’s request during the county’s Comprehensive Zoning Review.


“It’s what the market commands, it’s not really what I want,” Euler said.

Another residential project Euler is developing — Hamilton Reserve between Belair and Harford roads — is setting sales records, primarily because it’s Fallston’s only water and sewer community, Euler said.

He doesn’t see much more residential development opportunity in Fallston, except on scattered well and septic lots, Euler said.

The Aumar Village project includes 26 single-family homes and 60 villas. All will have master bedrooms on the first floor and will be no more than two- to three-bedroom units, he said.

An announcement of the community input meeting on Facebook has generated multiple comments from people concerned about traffic in the area and the impact on schools.

Beth Poggioli, who lives in Baldwin, said more intense development around the edges of the development envelope where the infrastructure is not in place “can cause negative impacts to schools, traffic and to emergency services.”

“A lot of people are very concerned,” Poggioli said.

Her goal is to hold decision-makers accountable for decisions they made to add the property to the development envelope and to rezone the parcel.

“Those are the people that have to answer,” Poggioli said.

She also wants people to get involved and know they can be involved in all parts of the process, not just the end game, she said.

“They should definitely voice their opinions to elected leaders and show up at the meetings,” Poggioli said. “There are still decisions to be made about open space, natural resource districts, buffers.”

Euler said there should be little to no impact on schools because of the older demographic he’s aiming for.

A traffic study is being done and so far, he said, it appears the Harford Road-Mountain Road intersection will need some improvements to support the development.

He has also offered water and sewer connections to the residents whose homes front on Mountain Road.

Euler said he will meet with anyone who has concerns about the project.

“I will meet as many times to address their concerns as they want,” Euler said. “If you inform the community, some of their fears go away, rather than pushing forward without their input.”

Area commercial development

The last piece of the shopping center at Aumar Village — a miniature golf course — is under construction, Euler said.

The Aberdeen City Council is considering an amendment to its development code to allow breweries, microbreweries, distilleries and wineries in certain areas of the city and held a public hearing on the ordinance during its meeting Monday night.

“We’re trying to create an area more for kids,” he said.

The $500,000 project is expected to be done by Memorial Day.

Across the intersection at the redeveloped Fallston Mall, another Euler project, an expansion is being planned for a 10,000-square-foot restaurant and a day care, he said.

A tiki bar is also being built in the courtyard.

“We’re pretty proud of the way Fallston Mall turned out,” Euler said. “I have a partner who came in with the same vision I have and Fallston has really welcomed him with open arms. He is big on redevelopment and I think that’s where the future is going.”

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