Aberdeen continues negotiations with land owners to get Middleton Road extended

Aberdeen continues negotiations with land owners to get Middleton Road extended
Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady told members of the City Council that the long discussed extension of Middleton Road from Route 22 to Beards Hill Road in Aberdeen needs to move forward during a meeting earlier this week. (MATT BUTTON | AEGIS STAFF / Baltimore Sun)

While “everybody wants to build the road,” the City of Aberdeen is still negotiating with adjacent property owners to acquire land to build a Middleton Road extension that would connect Route 22 to Beards Hill Road.


“We want to build a road, but it’s not a sure thing today that it’s going to proceed,” Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady said Wednesday.

He and the Aberdeen City Council members held a closed meeting Monday afternoon to discuss the project and determine their next steps, the mayor said.

“We talked about a path forward with construction of the road,” McGrady said. “We’re still in negotiations.”

Aberdeen neeeds clear ownership of several parts of properties, owned by the Klein family and the Salvo/Vickers partnership, to be able to be able to build the road if it’s going to be a public road, McGrady said.

What’s being negotiated, he said, is who is paying for the road, how it will be paid for and the design and ultimate construction.

A year ago, the city hired a firm to do a preliminary sketch of the road to be used in the negotiations, using some of the $89,730 contract awarded.

“It doesn’t make sense for the city to spend the rest of the money for design until we work out the details of how we’re going to come into ownership of the land where the road is going to be built,” McGrady said.

The approximately 1,800-foot road extension will require property, which McGrady said he hopes is donated, from the Kleins and from the Joe Salvo-Kirk Salvo-Charlie Vickers partnership.

While the parcel needed from the Kleins is “in the low hundreds” in terms of square footage needed, the city would need 1,800 or so square feet from Salvo-Vickers, McGrady said.

“There are still negotiations to be had with the land owners and I’m hoping in teh days to come we can all get on the same page and construction of that long-awaiting project — we’ve found notes back to the late 1980s — will come to fruition sooner rather than later,” McGrady said during the Aberdeen City Council meeting Monday night, after the closed session.

Everybody wants it built, he said, that’s not the issue.

“The devil is in the details, as with everything else in life,” McGrady said. “The city council and I are optimistic we’ll be able to get a deal done.”