Forest Hill Elementary School students celebrate medieval times, lessons

The Aegis

For the last few weeks, third-graders at Forest Hill Elementary School studied about life during medieval times. Students learned about the various classes of people and how each of the groups lived, worked and survived.

As part of the lesson, each student created a project based on their knowledge gained from the lessons. Students created projects like A-B-C books using medieval words, small catapults, dioramas, maps, PowerPoint presentations and a variety of other projects.

The lesson culminated Thursday in a day of celebration for students. The third-graders displayed their projects in their classrooms where other students from the school, as well as invited guests, got to view them.

The day ended with a grand feast in the cafeteria with students and teachers dressed as kings, queens, jesters and knights. King of the manor, Principal Marc Hamilton, and Town Crier Aimee O’Neill welcomed guests to the feast.

After dining in the grand cafeteria, everyone gathered in the gym as students entertained guests with a few traditional medieval dances and songs and athletic feats with a javelin throw competition. All to the cheers — or huzzah — of the crowd.

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