Update: Owner says pro-Trump signs on sides of McLaren 650S may have been behind arson

This McLaren 650S was set on fire in Aberdeen on Saturday night, according to fire investigators, The owner says he suspects his support for Donald Trump may have been a reason for the arson.
This McLaren 650S was set on fire in Aberdeen on Saturday night, according to fire investigators, The owner says he suspects his support for Donald Trump may have been a reason for the arson. (Courtesy of Robert Dicocco / Provided photo)

State fire investigators are reviewing, among other leads, the owners' support of President-elect Donald Trump as a potential motive in the intentional burning of a $300,000 car in Aberdeen Friday night.

The 2015 McLaren 650S Spider was reported on fire in front of 1040 Hardees Drive in Aberdeen by the vehicle's owner at about 8:22 p.m., according to a notice of investigation by the Office of the State Fire Marshal.


The Aberdeen Fire Department responded and brought the fire under control in about 20 minutes, but the loss to the high performance vehicle, which is prized by collectors, is estimated at $300,000.

Investigators identified the vehicle's owners as Albert J. Dicocco and Robert A. Dicocco.

New playground equipment should be installed in Aberdeen's Victory Park by the end of this month to replace equipment destroyed in an arson fire. Mayor and council postpone voting on election ties charter amendment, will be on special council meeting agenda Nov. 14.

Robert Dicocco said Monday the vehicle had vinyl detachable decals, similar to Trump's campaign signs, placed on its sides.

Dicocco said an unidentified man confronted him Friday about the Trump signage, while the car was parked in front of a Hardees Drive warehouse where Dicocco had been working.

Dicocco said the man allegedly threatened Trump, as well as police officers, and that he considers the incident a "hate crime."

The car was lettered on Sept. 9 and used at various car shows, including at the National Rifle Association car show in Fairfax, Va., where it won best in show public vote, according to Dicocco.

"It always drew a crowd and we always had 'spirited' political conversations," he wrote in an email.

The fire remained under investigation Monday, according to Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Oliver Alkire, a spokesperson for the Fire Marshal's Office.

"Our investigators are aware the owner reflected his support for President-elect Trump in the signage he displayed on the involved vehicle," Alkire stated. "The fire is currently under investigation, and deputy state fire marshals will thoroughly follow up on each lead."

According to investigators, the fire originated in the vehicle's interior passenger compartment and was the result of "an unknown person breaking into the vehicle and igniting the interior with a road flare."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Northeast Region of the Fire Marshal's Office in Bel Air at 410-836-4844.

The McLaren 650S was introduced in 2014, according to the Los Angeles Times, and immediately dubbed the company's next generation of "supercar." The 650 stands for metric horsepower. Like other McLarens, the vehicle has distinctive dihedral, or gull wing, doors that open upward.

An April 2014 First Drive Review by Car and Driver talked about the car's "eyeball sucking performance" on a test track with a McLaren test driver behind the wheel.

The tested vehicle had an MSRP of $349,500. The engine was rated at 641 horsepower at 7250 rpm. Estimated performance standards by Car and Driver were: zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, zero to 100 mph in 5.9 seconds and top speed of 207 mph.

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