Looking back at "House of Cards" in Harford County

Looking back at "House of Cards" in Harford County
"House of Cards" posters hang in the main lobby of the warehouse where many of the interior scenes in the popular Netflix series are filmed. (MATT BUTTON | AEGIS STAFF / Baltimore Sun)

With the fourth season of the Netflix series "House of Cards" set to premiere in the early morning hours of March 4, we've put together our coverage of the award-winning series' impact on Harford County.

From a warehouse to the White House, empty building transformed into sets for 'House of Cards'

Inside a warehouse at an undisclosed location in Joppa, the White House in Washington, D.C., has been meticulously replicated for the popular Netflix series "House of Cards." Season 4 of the political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright premieres tonight, and the show has been renewed for a fifth season, filming for which will begin in June

Harford businesses benefit from 'House of Cards'

Hundreds of local businesses have benefited from "House of Cards," where set decorator Tiffany Zappulla has a $60,000 budget for each episode to decorate, which translates to $780,000 every season. With four seasons done and a fifth soon to begin, that's $3.9 million just for set decorating

'House of Cards' footprints can be found throughout Harford County

While many of the interior scenes from "House of Cards" have been shot at the show's Harford County sound stages, dozens of other scenes have been shot elsewhere in Harford.

Harford expects to benefit as 'House of Cards' production returns for fifth year

Harford County received some welcome economic news late last week when the producers of the Neflix political drama "House of Cards" announced the show has been renewed for a fifth season and will again be largely shot in Maryland from its Harford County base.

'House of Cards' keeps low profile, films at Harford Community College Wednesday

The "House of Cards" crew continues to film the popular Netflix show's much-anticipated fourth season around Harford County, even as those activities are being kept ever more tightly under wraps.

Bel Air welcomes 'House of Cards' hopefuls

Hollywood was in the house Friday in downtown Bel Air, where hundreds wearing their finest outfits waited for their shot at a role, however small, in the hit Netflix drama "House of Cards."

Visit Harford's 'House of Cards' - Part One

Follow in the footsteps of "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey, or at least visit some of the sites that serve as the setting for popular Netflix series.

Visit Harford's 'House of Cards' - Part Two

It's hard to get much better advertising for your county than having parts of it serve as the backdrop for a popular series, which is what's happened with Harford County and "House of Cards."

'House of Cards' open casting call for extras returns to Bel Air May 15

An open casting call for extras, ages 18 and older, needed for Season 4 of the Netflix hit political drama series "House of Cards" will be held in Bel Air on the afternoon of Friday, May 15, and the casting agency and town officials are expecting a big turnout.

'House of Cards' films in Bel Air Tuesday, Edgewood next week

The Netflix show "House of Cards" will keep making its presence felt in Harford County, as a Bel Air town official announced a filming was set for the Liriodendron area on Tuesday afternoon.

Bel Air Police to receive $1,550 for 'House of Cards' security

The Bel Air Police Department will be paid approximately $1,500 for assisting with security at Tuesday afternoon's "House of Cards" filming that took place along Williams Street, Chief Leo Matrangola said Wednesday.

Hundreds show up for 'House of Cards' casting call in Bel Air

They came by the hundreds, from near and far, hoping to get their few seconds of fame on the small screen. The "House of Cards" open casting call for extras needed in Season III of the Netflix political thriller starring Kevin Spacey drew a huge crowd of hopefuls to downtown Bel Air on a sunny Saturday morning.

'House of Cards' rolls in Aberdeen with shooting Monday, Tuesday

The makers of "House of Cards" don't show their hand often, but Aberdeen officials were tipped off that the hit Netflix show will be filmed in their city at least part of this week.

First Economic Enhancement Award goes to 'House of Cards'

The wildly popular Netflix series has drawn hundreds, if not thousands, to a host of casting calls for extras, but what it's done for Harford County and its economy is even more significant.

'House of Cards' star Kevin Spacey in Havre de Grace for cemetery scene

Havre de Grace got a presidential visits of sorts late Thursday morning, when "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey arrived to shoot a scene it the one of the city's cemeteries.

'House of Cards' to film again in Havre de Grace on Thursday, Friday

More filming for hit Netflix series "House of Cards" is expected to take place in Havre de Grace on Thursday and Friday, although details are being kept tightly under wraps.

'House of Cards' keeps busy Harford shooting schedule, prompting a rare complaint

The production of the hit Netflix television series "House of Cards" has been largely welcomed in Harford County during the past three years, although one Havre de Grace business owner says he and other business owners experienced problems when the production came to the city's downtown earlier this month.

Harford leaders hope 'House of Cards' -- and its money -- don't leave town

If "House of Cards" folds in Maryland, will Harford County businesses feel a slump?

Harford residents, economy reap the benefits of 'House of Cards'

Check out the trailer of the new Netflix series "House of Cards" and in it you'll see the fictional President of the United States and his two children. In real life, the children are Forest Hill residents Kyle and Kirsten Johnson. "They're not huge parts," as Kirsten, a sophomore at Bel Air High, says, but "we can definitely see ourselves."

Hundreds try to break into 'House of Cards' in Bel Air

Open casting call for Netflix' "House of Cards" draws hundreds hoping to land a role as an extra on the upcoming series

'House of Cards' in Harford [Pictures]

When the new Netflix political drama "House of Cards" debuts Friday, Harford County viewers are likely to see some familiar faces and places. Filming for the series is based in the county, and some local residents landed small parts or extra roles in the series, which also has other Harford residents working in production behind the scenes.

'House of Cards' filming in Maryland

The Netflix original series "House of Cards" stars Kevin Spacey and is being filmed in and around Baltimore.