The Aegis
Harford County

Wishes he had thought of opening a wedding venue first [Letter]


When I first learned about the Regent at Stone House, I thought it was a great idea. I'm disappointed only in the fact that I didn't think of it myself. But there have been some issues raised I would like to address


-- With regard to property values, the design and function of such a structure would be a welcome asset to any community. It's something that could easily become a cornerstone of the area. It is not something that would be slapped together to make a fast buck, but a quality venue that would outlast generations. The proof that this would diminish property values must be in some book that I have yet to find.

-- Regarding news, The whining of a filly or a faint monthly chorus of "The Chicken Dance" are certainly agricultural sounds. At all of the many weddings I've attended in nearly 60 years, I've never heard a guest (or member of a wedding party) burn rubber as they were leaving the reception. The evidence that this "always happens" must be in that same book I can't find.


-- As for traffic, getting caught behind a combine who takes his half out of the middle of the road would be more annoying than driving to and from an off-street parking lot. If I'm wrong and the extra traffic would gridlock Glenville Road, then the State Highway Administration can install a roundabout or cloverleaf interchange, however I would not be in favor of an electric traffic light because that would signal the end of agriculture in the area and one would expect high rise buildings to follow.

-- The business would be for profit? Duh. Of course the Limbers would do whatever is necessary to make ends meet. They are called entrepreneurs, not a nonprofit group. Did [letter-writer and neighbor] Mr. Ford fight Broom's Bloom [in Creswell] with the same vigor he has in Churchville? No, because agriculture is not the real issue. His backyard is. Broom serves food and has live music and is respected in its community. Why not a wedding venue with similar services? Throw some horses into the mix and the memories made would be priceless.

My advice to Mr. Ford is to embrace the fact that this is going to happen whether he likes it or not.

He needs to be more open minded and focus his energy on the positive aspects of the big picture. Viewing only the small windows of negativity shows that he has tunnel vision. I hope some day he will see a larger, brighter view of the world.

And good luck to the Limbergers. I wish you all the success in the world.

Adam Sanders