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Harford County

In favor of tax credits for Hollywood production [Letter]


Colossal stupidity is the best description of our lawmakers in Annapolis who did not vote to extend the full tax credits asked by the production company of the Netflix TV series "House of Cards," filmed right here in Harford County and throughout the state.


The O'Malley political lemmings are making the same kind of ideological mistakes that have forced dozens of businesses and residents to leave Maryland's oppressive tax structure, punitive regulations and single party rule; all led by a legislature held captive by liberal Democrats and a governor with presidential Obama-style aspirations.

Knight Takes King Productions, the television production company for "House of Cards," has created hundreds of jobs in our state, both on and off set, has put Maryland in front of millions of viewers, procured numerous subcontractors, vendors, rental companies, leasing contracts and local businesses in the pursuit of this immensely popular series. They have spent millions in the process of establishing their operation here.


Annapolis lawmakers stated their concerns included the idea that such production companies are temporary. While this is true for feature films, television series can live long lives, "M*A*S*H," "Cheers" and "All in the Family" are just a few that flowed hundreds of millions of dollars into local economies during their runs. Knight Takes King in Harford County could easily become a permanent sound stage for other film makers and production companies, if only the Annapolis political rocket scientists could see that. Of course, for liberal politicians, they need to use the correct end of the telescope to do so.

What eludes me is why would an ultra-liberal governor, who is a wannabe presidential hopeful, harm the same Hollywood types who foster politicians just like O'Malley?

As in the case of the Eastern Shore based firearm maker Beretta, the firm is planning a move to Gallatin, Tenn., opening a $45 million facility, employing hundreds because of O'Malley's draconian Firearms Safety Act that greatly infringes gun ownership in Maryland.

If Knight Takes King exits stage left and moves its Maryland investment to a tax friendlier state, Governor O'Malley may soon witness his own political house of cards falling apart by 2016. Quid pro quo, to be or not to be.

Anthony Lambros