On Tuesday, Americans were able to gather around their TVs to watch the State of the Union Address given by President Obama as he outlines his legislative agenda for 2014, and beyond.


Based upon Obama's current approval polls, the choice may be listening to him or tuning into "Moonshiners" or "The Simpson's Movie," which could be more appealing.

Of course, to be a good patriot one should listen to the speech. They're sort of like holding a painted Russian Easter egg: pretty on the outside but empty on the inside. Obama's 2013 State of the Union speech contained several major priorities: immigration reform, gun control, job creation, deficit reduction and tax reform. Fortunately, none of these things happened because they would have impacted our freedoms and constitutional liberties with negative results. They sounded nice but when investigated in depth, each proposal was cloaked with more governmental control, redistribution of wealth and sugar coated facts that hid the fine print of government overreach.

Our current state of affairs since Obama's 2013 address is illegal aliens (oops, undocumented workers!) now outnumber legal immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship. Gun registration is nothing more than a tool for government confiscation and destruction of the Second Amendment. Five million jobs have been lost since Obama took office, due to a stagnant economy. Our debt has increased $1.2 trillion since 2013 and Obama's "tax reform" has become huge tax increases, most notably disguised as Obama Care. So much for lofty ideas.

But fear not, as we are asked to consider "income inequality," or how the rich are taking the wealth from lower classes, that we should support the unemployed endlessly, not how to get 600,000 Americans back to seeking jobs or that a big minimum wage hike is needed, which will cause more unemployment and close up more businesses due to more regulation, and why we need more (useless) federal gun controls, or how to get Michael Bloomberg to spend more money to influence state elections and his own anti-gun ego.

The 2014 mid-terms are around the corner and Obama is going to use all his power to enact his political wish list, even if he has to use executive decrees to get his way and trample our Constitutional rights even more than he already has. Thomas Jefferson felt such yearly pontifications to Congress were monarchical and smacked of royal overtones.

Obama should take heed to that advice. Fat chance.

Anthony Lambros