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Kurtz family of Bel Air offers thanks for visited light display [Letter]

The Kurtz Family's 2017 Christmas light display in Bel Air as viewed on YouTube.



We would like to thank everyone from Harford County and beyond who visited our Christmas Light display for their generous compassion and thoughtfulness. When we began the display in 2012, we had no idea it would be so popular or that, three years later, we would start using our lights to raise awareness about the opioid epidemic and our daughter’s battle with addiction.

And thanks to our great local media coverage, we hosted about 100 vehicles every night this year. Most were families simply enjoying the beauty of 20,000 Christmas lights synced to music from the comfort of their cars. But there were others who would step out to talk and express their gratitude for our efforts to keep this issue out of the darkness and to dispel the stigma of addiction. Their support and kind heartedness was astounding.


We want to express a special “Thank You” to our neighbors, especially the newer ones. As you might expect, our court can get a bit crowded with traffic at times, but our neighbors are the best. They have all been especially understanding and accepting of the thousands who visit our street to see the lights.

As for our daughter, she was home with us for Christmas this year and it was a great visit. Thanks to her hard work, she is doing well at this time and we pray that continues. But we do know it’s an everyday battle for her and the 23 million other Americans who suffer from this disease.

Jim and Helen Kurtz

Bel Air