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Opposed to Eva-Mar development plans [Letter]

This letter is in response to a reader's comments in the "Open Forum" of 18 April 2014, entitled "Irritated by the Eva-Mar Plans". Consider these issues in relation to the reader's concerns:

• Traffic Congestion and year-round air pollution from standing and idling traffic.


• Strain on the infrastructure, i.e., utilities, water and sewer.

• Need to expand essential services at taxpayer expense, i.e., police, fire, highway maintenance.


• Need to upgrade sewer and water services at taxpayer and homeowner expense.

• New senior citizens will be hit with Maryland sate pension tax.

• Need to expand, improve and otherwise expand existing intersections.

• More accidents by impulsive drivers traversing already over-crowded roads.

• Pedestrian fatalities especially with students from Harford Community College, and seniors who find it difficult to cross Route 22 at the church intersection.

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• Need to hire more county personnel to manage increase in demand for services.

• Wildlife endangerment and displacement.

• Overcrowded schools and recreational facilities and the need to expand or build new ones at taxpayer expense to accommodate influx of new residents.


• Further decline in property values based on overcrowding and environmental .

There is no redeeming value or citizen benefit to the Eva-Mar Plan or any other proposed plans for Bel Air. The only benefit will be to the developers and politicians who have collaborated at taxpayer's expense to fill their own pockets. So I ask you..."Are anymore construction projects needed in Bel Air?" We the taxpayers and voters of Bel Air need to unite and change the political landscape for the better. Carry the above captioned list attached to your voter registration card to the polls next election day and vote your conscience and pocketbook.

Lawrence Diggs

Bel Air