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Keeping us safe [Letter]


I have been appalled, as has the rest of the nation, by the increase in shootings in the workplace or schools, the violence, the loss of life.

People talk about gun control and restricting the sale of firearms. There are no laws that can “keep us safe.”

Pass all the laws you want and someone will find a way around them. Hence, you have meaningless slogans like “when having guns becomes criminal, only criminals will have guns.” Of course, we need laws restricting the purchase of guns. But that is only a tiny sliver of an answer.

The real problem lies in our ever-increasing isolation. In all of the descriptions of the Rite Aid shooting, I have not read anything that would explain why someone like Snochia Moseley’s family, friends and others who might have helped failed to come close enough to her to help.

Of course, she should not have had a gun. She should not have had a Glock, a death weapon (but then who should have such a weapon?). But who got close enough to this woman to know she might be dangerous? I am not trying to say that her family and friends are responsible. It is my hope that if we take responsibility for caring enough for the people around us, we might help before something tragic happens.

There are no foolproof methods for predicting human behavior, but we must respond to the people around us with enough compassion and wisdom to spot trouble before it happens. We might not be able to make a difference, but isolating ourselves and waiting for the government to make laws that will keep us safe is not working. Wake up and pay attention to the people in your world. It will make a difference.

Patricia Dickinson

Havre de Grace

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