The Aegis
Harford County

Conowingo Dam an asset to the community [Letter]


Some of my fondest memories are from my time spent at the Conowingo Dam. As someone that has spent a lot of time at the recreation areas around Conowingo Dam and seen its operation firsthand, a recent Aegis editorial about sedimentation behind the dam got it wrong.


The dam is one of the best recreational places in the entire state and is important to the bay's ecological health. The fisherman's wharf is a great spot to observe the many fish species of the Bay, including bass, shad, catfish and walleye. In addition, the fish lifts have transported more than 1 million migratory fish annually to the Conowingo Pond, according to Exelon, the dam's operator.

I agree that the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is an important issue to address, but Conowingo Dam is not creating that pollution - it's actually preventing the silt and sediment created further upstream from harming the Bay. It is misguided to demand Exelon pay for its cleanup, and the dam's relicensing should not divert our attention from the actual task at hand: a regional solution to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


I support Conowingo Dam and we need to relicense it so that people like me can continue enjoying it for decades to come.

Stephanie Campbell

Bel Air