FAA investigating if ice that fell on Abingdon home was from flying aircraft

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The FAA is investigating whether a large chunk of ice that fell on an Abingdon home Friday afternoon came from an airplane, agency officials said Tuesday.

Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj was at work when he got a phone call around 3:25 p.m. from his parents, who live with Kamboj.

“When I got here, ice was everywhere,” said Kamboj, who arrived at his house a short time later.

“My parents were in the back room and heard a loud noise. They didn’t know what it was,” Kamboj said. “They checked the house and everything was fine. They didn’t realize it was outside.”

It wasn’t until Kamboj’s next-door neighbor in the 900 block of Sidehill Drive in the Cedarday community came over and pointed out some damage to the edge of the roof that his parents realized anything was wrong and called their son. They also called 911.

Abingdon and Bel Air volunteer fire companies responded, according to a post on the Harford County Fire & EMS Association media page on Facebook.

The ice damaged the front gable and exterior light and “it landed on the widow’s walk and front lawn in pieces,” the association reported.

A representative from the FAA said Tuesday the agency is investigating the report.

“Normally, when ice falls from an aircraft it is due to a lavatory malfunction. It also is blue or green from the lavatory disinfectant,” the FAA representative said.

“[Fire department] personnel advised the ice was clear in color and there was no inclement weather in the area,” according to the association’s post. “The FAA was contacted and they advised two aircraft had passed over that area 15 [minutes] prior to the incident. They will investigate the incident further however the source of the ice is currently unconfirmed.”

While the ice was in pieces on the ground and on the small balcony over the front porch, Kamboj, a physician with Bel Air Family Care, said it had to have been one large piece when it hit his house.

“It had to be because of the impact,” he said, referring to the amount of damage to his house.

The same neighbor who told Kamboj’s parents about the damage suggested it could have fallen from a plane.

“I never would have thought of that, but everyone says that’s the only thing that would explain the damage with that much force,” Kamboj said.

Kamboj said he couldn’t see any damage inside, but he said a contractor was coming over later Friday evening to look everything over.

Kamboj collected the pieces and put them in a Ziploc bag and was keeping them in the freezer, though he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do with them.

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