Visit Harford's 'House of Cards' - Part One

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Follow in the footsteps of "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey, or at least visit some of the sites that serve as the setting for the popular Netflix series.


The series has been filmed at more than a dozen locations in Harford County, which is also the site of its productions stage, and Harford's tourism group is hoping to capitalize on the success of the series.

Visit Harford! has created the House of Cards self-guided fan tour, which lists 10 sites in Harford that serve as backdrops for the series. Go to Visit Harford's website, www.visitharford.com, for a complete list of sites on the tour.

"We want to capitalize on the show's success and celebrate the show and the fact that it shows all those wonderful scenes, many of them that were shot here," Visit Harford! interim director Wini Roche said.

"I'm a huge fan of the show, and it seems like a good idea to draw a connection to this area from the show. It's hugely popular. There are millions of fans that can't wait for the next season," she said.

The tour, she said, will draw people to Harford County, with the hope that they'll stay and discover the other things the county has to offer, from its restaurants and shopping opportunities to its recreational activities and waterfront.

"If you are as obsessed with the Netflix series House of Cards as we are, you might want to check out some of the spots where some of the unforgettable scenes were filmed," the tour site says.

The tour begins with Union United Methodist Church in Aberdeen, where Frank and Claire Underwood renewed their vows in Season 3, and ends at Hamilton's Service Station, where Jackie Sharp meets with Heather Dunbar to cut a deal, also in Season 3.

People who complete the tour will receive an "Underwood for President 2016" button if they stop by either the Visit Harford! office at 108 Bond St. in Bel Air or the Havre de Grace Visitors Center at 450 Pennington Ave.