Havre de Grace council president announces cancer diagnosis, says 'I got this'

Havre de Grace council president announces cancer diagnosis, says 'I got this'
Havre de Grace City Council President David Glenn, left, standing with William T. Martin the night Martin was elected mayor, announced Monday he is battling prostate cancer. (MATT BUTTON | AEGIS STAFF)

Longtime Havre de Grace Little League coach David Glenn, who is also the city council president, is more concerned about how long he’s going to be off the field than his actual cancer diagnosis.

Glenn announced his diagnosis at Monday’s Havre de Grace City Council meeting and said the prostate cancer is “nothing more than a small speed bump along the way.”


He is scheduled to have surgery to remove his prostate on Monday, March 18, and said after the meeting he asked his doctor how long it would be before he could go back to coaching.

It won’t be long, Glenn said his doctor told him, but his physical activity may be more limited.

Glenn, a member of the Havre de Grace Little League Hall of Fame, coaches his grandson’s team.

He said during Monday’s council meeting doctors are confident they caught the cancer in its “very early stages, which is always good.”

Glenn later said he has an annual exam because his father also had prostate cancer.

Whether he needs chemotherapy and/or radiation will be determined following the surgery, he said.

“Hopefully they get it all, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever I gotta do, I gotta do,” Glenn said.

Glenn said he announced his diagnosis to prevent rumor control, or “rumor out of control.”

He wants the city to know because he will have to miss some community events and meetings, including the next one, when Mayor William T. Martin will present his proposed budget to the city council.

“I have a very positive outlook and am committed to beating cancer so that I can continue to serve in the capacity you elected me to serve in,” Glenn said. “As a proud graduate of Havre de Grace High School and a Warrior at heart, I got this.”

Martin gave Glenn his support and that of the city council.

“Council President, you’re one of the greatest warriors I’ve ever met and I have no doubt you’re gonna beat this,” Martin said.