A Forest Hill flooring company is considering buying the former home of The Aegis on Hays Street in Bel Air, a company representative said.

Spartan Surfaces, flooring consultants "who take a human-centered approach to finding the right product for each and every application," according to the firm's website, is negotiating with Tribune Media regarding the sale of the property, which has been vacant for four years.


The Bel Air planning commission will hold a hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday at town hall to review several aspects of Spartan Surfaces' plans, including a review of the site plan and landscaping plan and reapproval of a special development approval necessary for the building, according to Kevin Small, director of planning for the town of Bel Air.

Wayne Carter, general manager of Spartan Surfaces, said the company is considering buying the building. Gary Weitman with Tribune Media, which owns the company, declined to comment.

Spartan Surfaces, at 131 Industry Lane in the Forest Hill Airpark, falls under a construction services and supply company, Small said.

When the 93,281-square-foot former Aegis building underwent an extensive renovation in 2000, it required a special development approval, which is necessary from the town for any building larger than 7,500 square feet.

"Since this is a new use coming in, they are required to get reapproval of the existing development approval," Small said.

He said the company doesn't plan to do much to the building other than change the facade to make it look more contemporary.

The smaller building on the property will be used as a showroom, Small said.

Spartan Surfaces employs about two dozen people, he said, adding the company intends to grow.

One of the things the planning commission will look at is tractor trailer traffic in the area, Small said.

They want to make sure trucks have feasible and efficient routes in and out of town," he said, "so they're not going in an area where they're prohibited and through intersections where they're taking up all the lanes."