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Ravens' Flacco stops for McNuggets in Aberdeen

Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, smiles for the camera at the drive thru window of the Aberdeen McDonlad's Monday afternoon.

Where do you go after signing a contract making you the highest-paid player in NFL history? Why McDonald's, of course.

Joe Flacco, who will now officially be making more money than anyone ever to play professional football in the National Football League, dropped by for a pretty low-cost meal in Aberdeen Monday afternoon.


Employees at the McDonald's on Beards Hill Road and Route 22 were abuzz after the Flacco sighting, and the 17-year-old server who waited on him at the drive-through snapped a picture of the player.

Flacco just signed a $120.6 million deal for six years with the Ravens in Owings Mills on Monday, having become a formidable celebrity following his Super Bowl win earlier this year.


He could have gone to any number of pricier restaurants just off of I-95, which is on the way to his home in southern New Jersey, but he instead chose the popular McD's on Beards Hill Road.

Sherry Norman, a student at Aberdeen High School who lives in Aberdeen, has worked at the McDonald's for about a year and said this was her first celebrity sighting.

She said she noticed Flacco was at the drive-through window between 3:30 and 4 p.m. and recognized him, but she still had to tell a few other employees who he was.

"I was kind of shocked, kind of shaking a little bit," Sherry said Tuesday.

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Flacco ordered a 10-piece McNuggets meal, costing under $7. Sherry told him he had a good game in the Super Bowl, to which he replied: "Thank you," and "Have a good day."

"He's just a normal person, down-to-earth," Sherry said.

She did not know exactly why he was in Aberdeen, but noted the incident "was surprising."

Employees at the McDonald's were still talking about the Flacco sighting Tuesday morning, as a manager noted Sherry had sent the picture around. ESPN reported the story on its website Monday night.


Flacco has been in Aberdeen at least once before and not that long ago.

He took part in teammate Lardarius Webb's charity baseball game at held at the city's Ripken Stadium in June, as did several other Ravens players.

For all anyone knows, Harford County could be seeing more of the quarterback – perhaps at more expensive eateries – now that he is locked into the Baltimore area for up to six more years.