Partners in Fallston Barrel House restaurant sever business ties

After an “unpleasant situation” and ongoing dispute, the two owners of Fallston Barrel House are severing business ties.

After resolving the dispute in court earlier this month, the restaurant will remain open under the majority ownership of William Grose.


Like the rest of the establishments in Harford County that serve or sell alcoholic beverages, Fallston Barrel House’s liquor license was up for renewal.

The previous license expired April 30 and the renewal application submitted to the board was missing the signature of the resident licensee, Robert Diem.

Diem refused to sign the application because of “an ongoing business dispute,” lawyer Albert Young told members of the Harford County Liquor Control Board at their meeting last Wednesday.

Diem and Grose have been at odds over control of the restaurant, a dispute their lawyers said in December included a civil lawsuit, criminal charges and a peace order.

Their dispute was resolved in court a week before last Wednesday’s hearing, Young told the board last week, and Diem “will not be associated with the business” going forward.

Grose will be the resident licensee once the appropriate paperwork has been completed. He will be a 65 percent owner of the business, Young said.

He called it an “unpleasant situation” when there is litigation among licensees.

The pair appeared before the liquor board in December after violating a liquor license requirement that the resident licensee be on the business premises 30 hours or more per week.

Diem couldn’t be on the restaurant premises, located at the corner of Routes 1 and 152 in Fallston, because he couldn’t be there at the same time Grose’s wife, Eleanor, because of a peace order issued by Harford County Circuit Court.

At that meeting, the board made Grose the defacto licensee until the legal matters between the two owners were resolved.