[Commentary] Where in the world is 'House of Cards' tonight?

I was in Los Angeles with my dad several years ago, and one of the things I liked about being there was it felt like you could run into a celebrity at any moment.

Any one of the trendy people with small dogs and big sunglasses could have been some kind of VIP.


We never actually "ran into" any celebrities. At least, I don't think we did. My dad swears he saw Michael Douglas driving a convertible in Beverly Hills; I'm pretty sure he didn't, but I guess there's no harm in letting him think it.

Anyway, ever since "House of Cards" started filming in Harford County, I got that same feeling of a possible celebrity sighting afoot.


Walking down Main Street on the day of the filming in Bel Air last week, I felt tempted to hum, "Where in the world is Kevin Spacey?" (to the tune of "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego").

Was he hanging out near the Armory? Buying a gift for a, umm, significant other? Was he grabbing a bite at Sunny Day Café?

As I said in the newsroom, "If I was Kevin Spacey, where would I eat?"

(Apparently not Sunny Day Café, at least when I was in there. Supposedly, Buontempo Brothers had "quite a bit of people… from Hollywood," whom co-owner Mario Buontempo declined to actually reveal.)

Seriously, though, I felt like I was playing a private eye while walking down the street.

Who was the mysterious man with a nametag, checking his phone on the corner? Was the lady by the courthouse wearing sunglasses because it was bright outside, or was she a celebrity incognito?

Anyway, just like in L.A., I didn't actually see Spacey or Robin Wright or Kate Mara or anybody else. So sad.

But now that the "House of Cards" crew is out and about in Harford County, and you never know where they might be next, I still feel like it's fun to potentially run into a filming somewhere random.

Last year, they were on the side of Level Road; then they were in downtown "Havre de Grace," which was representing Gaffney, S.C.

Last week, I was on my way to Edgewood High School to talk with some students, who had made a portrait mural (they did a great job, by the way!), when I passed what looked like film equipment off of Edgewood Road.

Sure enough, the "House of Cards" truck was being unloaded in the parking lot of Edgewood Park Apartments.

The spaces were all blocked off, wires were taped across the entrance of the complex and equipment stood in most of the stairwells of the buildings.


I kind of wondered what the apartment residents thought of this, although it was on a weekday morning, so maybe there were fewer people around.

Most of the "House of Cards" filming, though, has been completely mysterious. It is being done in a warehouse somewhere in southeastern Harford County.

So when the crew actually wanders out, it's kind of like getting a rare sighting of a goldfinch (which I did see the other day, and that was pretty cool, too).

Anyway, for the sake of everyone who likes the thought of accidentally stumbling onto a movie set (or near one, I guess), I hope "House of Cards" hangs around Harford County for a long time.

It makes life at The Aegis more entertaining, that's for sure.

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