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Wishing on a star [Editorial]

Stardom in the music business is fleeting to put it kindly.

Performers often burst across the sky, flaming out nearly as quickly as they rocketed up. But when they’re hot, they’re often seemingly as hot as the sun heating the firmament.

Taylor Swift is one of those whose stardom is an enduring exception to the norm of brief, hot musical stardom. Swift is not only known for her continuing longevity that began when she was a young teenager and continues unabated as she gets closer to 30, but also known as a mega star who is generous and kind. She seems to care more about her fans than many performers.

She has gone to prom with fans that have asked her via elaborate proposals and showed up in hospitals and other places to greet fans battling health crises.

Swift’s reputation, in part, led Haleigh Preston, a youngster from Havre de Grace, to ask the singing star to visit her in Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she is recovering from a liver transplant.

The request was made because Swift’s concert stop in the region for a concert came when Haleigh, who turned 12 this week, could not use a ticket she has held for months because she was hospitalized.

That didn’t keep Haleigh from trying to see Swift anyway.

With help from the staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Haleigh was being treated, she posted a request on Twitter in hopes the message would get to Taylor Swift and she would pay a visit. Resting in her hospital bed, Haleigh wrote the following message on a white board:

“When I realized I would miss TSwizzle I said to my liver you’re so mean! Look what you made me do! I knew you were trouble when you walked in ... and we are never ever getting back together!”

In larger letters underneath, she wrote “ Please Come See Me Taylor Swift.”

While it’s unclear how things went with the proposal, it’s clear Swift’s stardom is still real among her countless followers, including a young one from Havre de Grace.

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