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Harford County

Taxes certain, complaints worth making [Editorial]

It doesn't matter which side is in charge in which country or during what epoch in history, one thing remains constant: taxes.

They're always burdensome and too high for those paying; and it seems like there's never enough for the side doing the collecting.


In this period of history and in this nation, the situation fits right in with what's been going on since the dawn of civilization, and this time of year is when taxes draw the most attention. Drive down through a business district and there's a good chance someone is standing on a sidewalk or in a parking lot holding a sign and possibly dressed in a garish costume to solicit clients for tax preparation services.

It's the time of year when the accountants in our social circles are no longer able to attend weekend gatherings because they're too busy with the paperwork of the tax season.


And it's the time of year when a dedicated group of people organized by the local AARP offers free tax form preparation assistance to low and middle income people, with special attention focused on those 60 and older.

So drive carefully to avoid running over the people trying to solicit tax preparation business, maybe give a tax accountant a call or send an encouraging email and, if you qualify and need help, give the AARP Tax-Aide people a call at 410-638-3425 to set up an appointment.

Also, it doesn't hurt to complain about taxes, call the people who levy them and let them know your feelings and even demand more services from the government, or a stronger national defense or whatever you'd like to see pursued in the realm of public policy.

Taxes may be universal when it comes to the history of human civilization, but the right to complain about them and the people who levy and collect them and how they end up being spent is rare in the grand scheme of things. That right to complain is well worth exercising so it doesn't become lost in ages to come, because the collection of taxes can be predicted to persist for however much time human civilization continues.