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A dog to bark about [Editorial]

There are plenty of ways to divide people: haves vs. have-nots, Democrats vs. Republicans, night owls vs. larks, rap vs. rock, fried vs. broiled. The list goes on, but there are also a few things almost everyone can agree on, and one is Grand Champion Blackrock Jungle Juice RN.

He's known to his people by the simpler name Mufasa and he's the Bernese mountain dog that won the Best of Breed honors at the 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. Most dog people, and probably a lot of cat people, too, have at least a vague understanding that the Westminster Dog Show is the World Series, Super Bowl and Triple Crown of canine accomplishment.


The photo of Mufasa with his girl, Kristen Greenwood, on the front of The Aegis Wednesday, however, says all anyone needs to know about the dog of the day. He has the look of someone more interested in getting his ears scratched and belly rubbed after chasing a ball than having some trophy or plaque with no interesting smells.

That kind of attitude is something worth wagging about.