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Unique Harford skydiving event raises funds for Brigance Brigade

Former Ravens player O.J. Brigance and his wife, Chanda, spent the day at the Harford County Airport near Churchville on Saturday, May 3, for a unique tandem skydiving exhibition to raise money for ALS research.

Justin Coulter put the event together for the second year. Coulter's father died of ALS a couple years ago, and he dedicates himself to raising money to donate to the Brigance Brigade Foundation for ALS research.


Coulter partners with Lance Linton, owner of Skydive Baltimore, which is based at the airport, to put on the fundraiser. The Route 66 Band provided entertainment for this year's event.

Linton, who has completed more than 5,500 dives, moved the 20-year-old company from the Eastern Shore to Harford County Airport in March 2013, a decision, he said in a prior interview, that was partially influenced by his many customers from Harford County.


O.J. and Chanda Brigance, are co-founders of the Brigance Brigade Foundation. The foundation strives to improve the quality of life for ALS patients and their families by providing needed equipment, resource guidance and support services, in addition to funding various research initiatives.

A member of the Ravens first Super Bowl champion team in 2000-01, O.J. Brigance was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a motor neuron disease, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, in 2007.

O.J. and Chanda Brigance created the Brigance Brigade Foundation to equip, encourage and empower people living with ALS. For more information on the Brigance Brigade, visit