Aberdeen to spend $1 million on road projects in next fiscal year

The city of Aberdeen has about $1 million in state and local funds to spend on road repairs in the next 12 months, city officials said.

The list of priorities was presented to the mayor and city council at their meeting Monday to look at and suggest possible changes before work begins at the start of the fiscal year, July 1, City Manager Randy Robertson said.


The list has 31 streets, but only the first eight to 10 will likely to get done, Robertson said.

The top 10 projects include, in order:

  • Mill and overlay of Old Philadelphia Road from Route 40 to Perryman Road
  • Mill and overlay of Chapel Alley from Walnut to Franklin Street
  • Curb and road reconstruction of Oak Street from Chestnut to Elm
  • Mill and overlay of Crestmont Drive from Hemlock Lane to the end
  • Mill and overlay of Hillman Court from Crestmont Drive to the end
  • Mill and overlay of Engle Avenue from APG Road to Smith Avenue
  • Curb, mill and overlay of Baker Street from Williams Street to West Bel Air Avenue
  • Mill and overlay of Wilson Street from Roosevelt Avenue to Baldwin Circle
  • Mill and overlay of Alley 2 from Alley 1 to Wilson Street
  • Mill and overlay of Rigdon Road from Post Road to the end.

“We will continue down the list until we run out of money then roll into the next fiscal year,” city engineer Taylor Whichard told the council.

Other projects after that include Osborn Road, Defense Drive, Rock Road, Valley Road, Robbie Court, Sadler Street, Burkley Avenue, Roberts Way, Corale Court, Colaine Drive. Center Deen, Ceen Alley, East Deen, Banister Avenue, Allendale Avenue, West Deen, South Deen, Emmit Avenue, Glade Avenue, Schofield Road and James Avenue.

“The roads I’ve been seeing getting done — it’s been a great job in the last couple years, top to bottom,” Mayor Patrick McGrady said. “We’ve still got a couple problem areas but this addresses a lot of them.”

The Oak Street project, which includes reconstruction of the road, will be the most costly at $200,000 to $220,000, Robertson said.