Aberdeen Police rescue 84-year-old man trapped in snow

Responding to a call for a possible wounded animal in the hours following the record snowfall, Aberdeen Police Department officers found an elderly man lying in the snow early Sunday morning, trapped in his own driveway and "near death," according to a police spokesperson.

Police were initially called for an animal complaint at 5:08 a.m. in the 200 block of East Bel Air Avenue, Sgt. Will Reiber said.


"We were on 12-hour shifts at the time, so we were back with all personnel," Reiber said Tuesday, explaining six officers ended up going to the home. "The shift was working together because of the inclement weather. Everyone went out and, obviously, everyone wanted to be helpful."

"They found a long driveway and the driveway was completely covered in snow, and they could hear an audible sound that they thought was an animal at first," Reiber said.

When they heard someone yelling, they realized a man was calling for help down the "rather long driveway," he said.

The officers found the 84-year-old man "unable to speak due to his body temperature being so low," Reiber said.

The man, he said, was "near death," severely hypothermic after apparently spending hours in the extreme cold.

The six officers were able to scoop him up and carry him back to the house, where his wife was, Reiber said.

An Aberdeen Fire Department ambulance took the man to Harford Memorial Hospital in Havre de Grace, where he was in stable condition Wednesday morning, Reiber said.

Reiber said they don't know why the man was out in the snow.

"It was a group effort, as far as fire and EMS working together" with police, Reiber said of the rescue. "Fortunately, someone made the call."