Aberdeen man arrested on a dozen alleged weapons violations

Aberdeen Police seized several weapons and more than 150 rounds of ammunition as well as a holster and bulletproof vest from a home in Aberdeen Thursday.
Aberdeen Police seized several weapons and more than 150 rounds of ammunition as well as a holster and bulletproof vest from a home in Aberdeen Thursday. (Courtesy photo / Aberdeen Police Department)

An Aberdeen man, suspected of allegedly hiding evidence during a vehicle pursuit in January, was arrested Friday and charged with a dozen weapons violations, according to court documents.

Obed Sanchez, 40, of the first block of Van Street, is charged with four counts each of disqualified possession of a rifle or shotgun, possession of a rifle or shotgun with a felony conviction and illegal possession of ammunition and one count each of possession of bulletproof armor and possessing or selling an assault weapon, according to the Aberdeen Police Department.


Police suspected Sanchez allegedly may have had illegal firearms in his home after the arrest of one of his friends, Brandon Jones, who was charged following a traffic search Jan. 31 with illegal possession of ammunition, three counts of possession of a stolen regulated firearm and four counts each of illegal possession of a regulated firearm and possession of a firearm with a felony conviction, according to Aberdeen Police.

During that arrest, police discovered a break in the window of Jones' vehicle, and suspected Jones, also arrested Jan. 14 on alleged weapon violations, may have tried to throw one out the window while fleeing police who tried to pull him over Jan. 31, according to charging documents.

Jones allegedly called Sanchez while Jones was being chased, according to court records, and drove by his home. When Jones was finally pulled over on Route 40 near Havre de Grace, Sanchez appeared and began asking questions.

Police seized phones belonging to Jones, Sanchez and Sanchez's wife, and ultimately suspected Sanchez allegedly had picked up the weapon Jones threw out the window, which Sanchez denied, according to charging documents.

Members of the Harford County Municipal Swat Team searched Sanchez's house Thursday and in his room found a bulletproof vest in a closest, a small, empty black gun case and two shell casings in a closet, a Benelli Armi-Urbino shotgun box under a bed and a black holster in a dresser drawer.

In searching a second room, officers found a black gun safe, which contained a 12-guage shotgun, a .308 caliber rifle, two .22 caliber rifles, an ammunition can with two 12-guage shotgun shells and 163 rounds of ammunition, according to charging documents.

Because of previous convictions of third-degree burglary, second-degree assault and escape, Sanchez is prohibited from owning firearms or ammunition, according to court records.

The safe the guns were in was broken, according to charging documents, and though they were not in Sanchez's bedroom, he had access to them.

Sanchez was taken to Harford County Detention Center and initially held without bail. Following a District Court hearing Monday, bail was set at $50,000, according to court records.

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