Aberdeen Proving Ground officials are warning the public about a black bear seen in the area of the Route 22 entrance to the post overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The bear was spotted by security personnel around 2 [a.m.] passing through the gate area of Route 22," APG spokesperson Kelly Luster said Wednesday morning via email. "The bear didn't stop or linger. It was moving toward a wooded area."


The young bear is believed to be the same one seen passing through Cecil County and Delaware in recent days, state bear biologist Harry Spiker said.

"We believe this is the same one moved west some," he said, noting bears can travel more than 100 miles after being dispersed from their childhood homes.

As the bear moved south, he was given the hashtag names #delabear and #cecilthebear, by Delaware wildlife officials and then the Cecil County Sheriff's Office, which posted a video on its Facebook page.

"It's just making a big loop. Who knows where it will end up," Spiker said. "It's just looking for a place to call home. He could be 50 miles from there tomorrow or he could settle down [for a while]."

Harford does not have other bears, Spiker said, unlike the four Maryland counties that have bears year-round: Garrett, Allegany, Washington and Frederick.

Anyone who sees the bear is advised to not approach it and to call 911 immediately, according to APG's Facebook post.

"Bears typically are not interested in people and should pass through on its own with minimal risk to the public unless the animal is cornered or threatened," APG posted on Facebook. "Residents and the Team APG Workforce are reminded not to approach wildlife. Residents should take precautions with food sources outside and bring them inside so the bear is not attracted to it."

Spiker also advised people with bird feeders or trash in the open to be cautious, although "this bear has not seemed to be a problem" with hanging around human food sources.