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Thankful for Harford delegation members who support property rights [Letter]


I am very concerned with how our Harford County Delegation voted on the Transource legislation; giving the power of eminent domain to private utility companies. I would like to thank Dels. McDonough, Impallaria, and McComas for their clear support of property owners and property rights. This legislation negates our constitutional rights and can permanently endanger our beautiful rural heritage.


I’m mostly concerned about the Minority Whip, Del. Kathy Szeliga. Del. Szeliga voted to give this authority to private companies and coaxed other elected officials to follow her lead. She now most recently stated that her number one priority is to protect rural farmland from eminent domain.

I have to call into question her sincerity seeing that she has raised more political campaign contributions from private utility companies than any other Republican member of the House of Delegates, including those who actually sit on the energy subcommittee.


It concerns me how much influence can be bought from certain elected officials. It’s a shame some legislators chose to stand for themselves instead of for their constituents when they most needed representation.

Michelle Urbanski