Letter: The enemy within is a greater problem for U.S.

Re: Socialism will snuff out flame of liberty in the United States in the Wednesday, June 19, edition of The Aegis.

Perhaps Americans need to make a decision to reject those in power who continue to align themselves with foreign dictators. Perhaps it is the “enemy within” that is snuffing out the flame of liberty in the United States. It seems that supporting foreign dictators is taking us closer to Reagan’s assertion that “democracy is only one generation away from extinction.”

In fact, when the free press is declared to be an “enemy of the state” and is repeatedly labelled as the purveyor “fake news,” when the president duly elected via the electoral college and not the popular vote considers himself to be above the law and does not uphold the Constitution because he does not realize there are three equal branches of government to provide checks and balances, and when the president encourages his staff and others to fabricate documents that will obfuscate the truth and when he orders them to ignore subpoenas and implies that pardons will be provided to those who blindly acquiesce, then perhaps we have already taken that final step to the extinction of democracy. And heaven help us all.



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