Saving the butterflies and other creatures [Letter]

Hurrah for Ms. Emmaleigh Dever and her mom for providing existence for the Monarch butterflies (Aegis pp&t, Oct. 12). Such action [brings to mind] a poem I wrote 10 years ago:



I saw no butterflies this spring.

Through all my years I have joyed,

to the rhythmic flights and flurries,

of nature’s dandy creatures.

They charged my agility,

as I chased them through the gate.

And tantalized my sight,

with colors pale and bright,

and buffle at my sense of touch.

But I saw no butterflies last spring.

Is man to blame for such a plight?

Of smoke in air without restraint?

Or insect dust tossed in waste?

Or must we toss the blame to nature?


No butterflies last spring.

Could a decade hence bring,

no brids, no beast or fish?

Presumptuous, eh!

No butterflies last spring.

Marcus Stansbury

Havre de Grace