President Trump is attacking the FBI and senior, career FBI professionals. He is attacking the Department of Justice, even Attorney General Sessions, a Republican member of Trump’s campaign team who Trump appointed just a year ago, and other senior Republican members of the Department of Justice, including the Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein.


The President knows what happened regarding collusion between his campaign and Russian spies peddling stolen information to harm Trump’s political opponent.

The meeting between Russian agents and Trump’s campaign involved his son, son-in-law, and campaign chairman. It took place in Trump Tower, one floor below then Candidate Trump’s Office.

Trump hasn’t been charged with anything yet. If he is, he’ll have the opportunity to present his side of the case. Instead of allowing the investigation to run it’s course, he’s attacking and threatening everyone involved in the investigation, using his authority as President.

The President is attempting to undermine our system of American justice. No American, no President, is above the law. We are in a seminal, watershed moment in American history. We are observing a wholesale assault on our American democracy.

In times of crisis, Americans have always been called on to stand up and speak out and we always have. This time is no different. Standing for the rule of law, speaking truth to power and holding our leaders to account is what makes Americans who we are.

It’s what makes America great. Those who refuse to stand for the rule of law cannot withstand or escape the judgment of history. Americans must stand up and stand together as one, now.

I will always stand with Americans, for America, as your Representative in Congress.

Michael Pullen


The writer is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Maryland’s First Congressional District that includes Harford County. Editor