Being on vacation generally allows one to relax, reflect and enjoy some down time. Our hotel provided a free copy of USA Today, which I haven’t read in many years. I was in for a disappointment. Rather than the balanced news reporting I once read, there were enough anti-Trump stories the ink print made up most of the weight of the front page.


The bias of the national news media is so blatantly negative to President Trump, they lack the courage to report on the successes of Trump’s incredible economic boom, tax cuts, consumer confidence at a 17 year high, unemployment at historic lows, deregulation spurring investment, U.S. energy production growth, strengthening our military, school choice, fair trade, constitutional minded judge appointments, defeating ISIS and international policies making America the recognized leader in world politics once more.

Trump haters will never accept these positive things, they cannot look beyond their wild rejection of the 2016 election and openly defy any Trump supporter, even to the point of deadly gun fire at a republican baseball practice, or the revolt of a U.S. senator encouraging physical resistance and riot, bordering on violence, to those who support the administration. These same kinds of open aggression and hostility began at another period in our history, just before our own Civil War.

Now, we see the rise of socialism in our land of the free, home of the brave. Some young millennials have drifted to the communism edicts of Karl Marx, forming the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA. If a 28 year old socialist bartender can be elected to a New York congressional seat, it gives one pause. Freedom loving American’s need to defeat such “progress” in all its forms. Bernie Sanders is the elephant in the room and the DSA has over 45,000 dues paying members.

History is lost on those who ignore its progression. Socialism breeds contempt and control of individual rights, individual success and wealth, individual thinking, individual accomplishments or individual incentive. The DSA is growing, leading its followers down the path for the control of resources, education, production, monetary distribution, collective thought, social order, or anything bordering on constitutional liberties. We have seen this before and we see it today. A friend who has family in Russia explained Socialism this way, “We pretend to work and the government pretends to pay us!” Socialism is an anathema to freedom and human exceptionalism. Dictatorships thrive with socialism, just ask a citizen of Cuba, Venezuela, Russia or China. Socialism delivers misery, poverty, death and tyranny. Socialism is a mortal cancer to our republic.

It is hard to explain this to the young today, history isn’t widely taught today, but one thing is certain, those who ignore it will repeat its former horrors and mistakes, and become its own victims.

Anthony Lambros