Letter: Socialism will snuff out flame of liberty in U.S.

Of late, the calls for more “democratic socialism” have been voiced by democratic presidential candidates too numerous to list here but not least of all, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The calls for socialist policies have also been given on the floor of the House by Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar. They, and a host of young, idealistic 18- to 34-year old Americans have apparently ignored the history of socialism and its ultimate failure and loss of liberty through its radical policies.

It sounds good to promise “free stuff.” Free college tuition, free health care, free housing, free phones and even free money. The only problem is, who will pay for it? When you run out of other people’s money through wealth redistribution and taxation, then what? That’s when the ruling government takes over all aspects of life, as it happened in Soviet Russia, China and North Korea.


Free speech, forget that. Socialist authority means control of any dissent against it. It is ironic that the very people demanding a turn to socialism will become its own victim. As much as they use our First Amendment to foster socialism, free speech is the first freedom that is lost because socialist regimes cannot allow a disobedient populace to rise up against its authority. After the loss of free speech, so goes other freedoms such as the ability to defend yourself, or own a gun, practice a religion, or assemble a protest. The loss of the pursuit of happiness, and ultimately the loss of our Constitutional government and freedom itself all become the rewards of socialism.

President Reagan once said that democracy is only one generation away from extinction if we do not uphold our Constitution and our way of life that made America the greatest economic and freedom loving nation on Earth. Today, it could be as close as the 2020 election.

For those clueless radicals who see socialism as the path to social justice, social equality, social collectivism or social “free stuff,” they need to live under a socialistic rule for a time to feel the injustice, poverty, loss of freedom, authoritarian control and death that socialism breeds. Once socialism rules, its power increases and the people under it become the serfs of the state. The labor camps of North Korea and China are filled with those who dared to defy the state. Russian gulags were not vacation retreats.

We have seen political adversaries and government agencies weaponize our own political system against a duly elected president. Venezuela is the classic example of a socialist government takeover. Starting with Hugo Chavez’s turn to socialism, the country is now rampant with hyperinflation, hunger, disease, crime and death rates. Once the jewel of economic prosperity in South America, it only took a few years to see Venezuela descend into the depths of upheaval and socialism’s dark misery. They may never recover their former prosperity.

As the 2020 election nears, Americans must make a historic decision. Ignore history and follow radical, socialistic idealism, or reject those who have forsaken all that has made America the most important beacon of freedom for human achievement and aspirations ever seen by mankind. The flame of liberty burns brightest in the hearts of real patriots. Socialism snuffs out that flame forever.