Vote Andy Harris out of office in November [Letter]


I imagine most Americans who grew up during the Cold War felt the same sense of surreal horror I did last week at seeing our ostensible president insult our democratic allies and grovel to the assassin Vladimir Putin. It’s hard to think of any convincing explanations for Donald Trump’s behavior other than that he is controlled, whether through bribery or blackmail, by Russia. Even Republican leaders not noted for their brave stands against Trump’s abuses couldn‘t quite stomach the sight of an American president siding with a dictator against his own country.

However, our own congressman, Andy Harris, is exceptionally craven even among his colleagues, and declined to condemn Trump’s humiliating display; instead he parroted Trump’s propaganda line about mistrusting “the mainstream media.” I’m ashamed to have to call this spineless little toady my representative, and if you have any remaining pride in your country, or if you’re reading a newspaper, I hope you are too. The very least we can do is vote him out in November; historically, collaborators with foreign powers have faced harsher penalties.

Tim Kreider


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