In the upcoming election on Nov 6, we have the distinct opportunity to elect who we want to represent us on the Harford County Circuit Court. I truly hope you will join me in going to the polls and casting your vote for Paul Ishak. For those that don’t know Paul Ishak, let me introduce you to this outstanding candidate.

Paul’s knowledge when it comes to legal matters is matched by very few and his exceptional ability to concisely and accurately make a point that can be accepted and supported at the highest levels speaks volume for someone in his profession.


His cooperative spirit, attention to detail, and devotion to duty sets the standard for others to emulate.

It never matters how complex or tedious a task is, Paul stays with it until he can bring it to a successful conclusion.

His exceptional analytical ability and keen appreciation for excellence have enabled him to identify trouble areas and make sound, logical recommendations for resolution.

He is a natural born leader who can quickly adapt to changing conditions.

He is always open-minded and receptive to new ideas.

Paul is an outstanding negotiator who can discuss problems and establish workable solutions that are suitable to all affected parties.

He listens so that his approach will always result in a “fair” evaluation and consideration of all viewpoints.

On those occasions when he must persuade individuals to rethink their stance on a given situation, he does so with honesty, integrity and goodwill.

And finally but certainly not least, his limitless capacity for absorbing and understanding a variety of complex and diverse legal issues and his uncanny ability to get to the heart of the issue is the reason he is considered one of the very best within his profession.

Mr. Ishak’s entire career has provided a solid base of experience that is reflected in his decisions. We have been the benefactors of his legal foresight and unwavering focus. The greatest compliment I can pay Paul Ishak can be summed up in six words, “He has truly made a difference.” If you select Paul Ishak for this honorable position on the Harford County Circuit Court, trust me, you will not be disappointed. He is truly the best of the best and without a doubt a very deserving candidate for this prestigious position on the Harford County Circuit Court.

Dave Glenn

Havre de Grace