Harford students need more, better technology [Letter]


I attended the June 6 Harford County Council meeting. At that meeting, funding for the lack of technology in the Harford County Public Schools was addressed.


Mr. Perrone and Mr. Woods both voted "no" to allowing the school system to transfer $2.1 million saved from the lack of snow days. They felt this money could be used in better ways. Mr. Perrone thought talented teachers could make up for any lack of technology. I disagree with that statement.

This school year, I was a 7th grader at Southampton Middle School. The school suffered from a lack of technology. Each teacher was assigned only four Kindles for classroom use if a child did not have their own technology, and there were a few laptop carts available for classroom checkout. Often the laptop carts were booked in addition to the regular computer labs. Teachers often had to borrow Kindles from others if each child was to have their own device.

Even good teachers cannot make up for lack of one on one devices if technology is an important part of the lesson. Almost every job uses technology, and we are expected to take the PARCC test on technology.

Harford County needs to provide us with more adequate levels of technology so each child can have a device. It would be best if they were all the same so the teacher can focus on the lesson and not the different problems presented by each device.

I am glad five of seven County Council members voted to allow the school to purchase new technology for some schools. I hope I get to benefit from it next year.


Ian C. Doherty

Bel Air