The popular political drama "House of Cards," whose production is based in Harford County, has been renewed by Netflix for a sixth season, and it's good news for everyone in the county and many points beyond.

Even if you've never seen an episode of the show or don't care for it, the publicity and economic value of the "House of Cards" brand is undeniable and has been well documented in several news articles we have published about the show and its positive impact locally.


When you have a group of world class actors like Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly associated with an enterprise and they and others who have appeared in the show are coming to your area with regularity, there's a certain degree of excitement about it. That in turn transfers to people who have become fans of the show, so to anyone from Harford who wants to do a little bragging that we're home to "House of Cards," we say: Go to it!

As County Executive Barry Glassman said to Aegis staff member Erika Butler last week, "House of Cards" benefits to the county transcend the economic, because the show is "also sort of a feather in our cap."

"When we go to New York or do economic development, we always get questions about 'House of Cards.' Anything to do with Hollywood, movies, catches people's attention," Glassman said.

The show is a great conversation piece, if you wish, when people visit, be it family or friends or strangers you may meet.

The money and jobs "House of Cards" has brought to Harford County, and the Baltimore region as well, won't be around forever, of course. The fleeting nature of entertainment ventures being what they are, we've been fortunate the show has lasted five years going on six. Maybe because it's been much a case of art imitating life – political life, at least – that the show has had such staying power, even it can be over-the-top at times. Well, then again, over-the-top does kind of sum up what's been going on with the United States political system in recent years.

Regardless of what happens in the future, "House of Cards" has produced its fair share of pleasant memories for folks and businesses in Harford County. And, we would think the way the local business community, county government leaders have and many residents have supported the show's production activities will encourage other motion picture and video producers looking for a place to shoot the next big thing to take a look.

Take a bow, Harford. Where "House of Cards" is concerned, you've earned it.

Harford County’s “Choose Civility” campaign kicked off with a breakfast event at the Water’s Edge Events Center in Belcamp on Wednesday.