That first haircut [Editorial]
Not too much squirming is observed as Evan Lloyd receives his first haircut at Old Line Barbers in Bel Air. (Courtesy of Mac Lloyd / Provided photo)

For generations, a boy's first haircut was a rite of passage.

It said he was a (very) young man, making it clear when his first long, sometimes curly, locks were shorn that he was unmistakably a boy. Often times, girls went off to the barbershop, too, and returned with pixie cuts that some mothers (and fathers) thought would be easier to care for because the hairstyle was short and simple.


We mention this because of a short piece, complete with photographs, we published Friday on the front of our pp&t section about a boy's first haircut. Evan Fox Lloyd, a 16-month-old, was that boy sitting on the lap of Ben Lloyd, his 35-year-old father.

Evan was getting a haircut, his first, at Old Line Barbers, a relatively new barbershop at 12 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Bel Air.

Back in 1981, Ben Lloyd got his first haircut at the same location when it was known as Monte's, after Monte Hudler, the barber who operated the shop at that location until he retired in 2004.

Some people know Ben Lloyd for his work with the Harford County government. When he was the lad in the chair, Ben was the young son of Sandy and Mac Lloyd, who was the sports editor of The Aegis.

Mac Lloyd wrote the charming piece about his son and his grandson that we published with photos of Evan getting his haircut and a newspaper clipping of Ben's first haircut.

That's a good memory for the Lloyd Family, and for the rest of us, who all have our own first haircut stories, too.