Remembering 'Bob' Comes [Editorial]

The Aegis

Robert “Bob” Comes, who died Feb. 19 at age 85, was a career lawman with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, who rose through the ranks of the agency and served four years in its highest command post from late 1990 to late 1994.

When he lost his re-election bid after a single term, Sheriff Comes did not retreat from his community. He remained active in his church and in a number of local organizations and activities, such as the Harford County Farm Fair.

Judging from the comments of former colleagues, bosses and friends that accompanied the obituary published in The Aegis Friday, Sheriff Comes was, in the words of one, “an outstanding all-around individual.” The people we interviewed said they had been blessed to know and work with Sheriff Comes, describing him has “very likable” and “a good person.” We would concur, as a few of our current staff were around when Mr. Comes was with the Sheriff’s Office.

It takes dedication and an understanding of your community to be a successful law enforcement officer. It’s never an easy job in any time, and Sheriff Comes endured his share of bumps and bruises, particularly during the four years he headed the agency.

He was always a consummate professional and an excellent public servant – the all around good guy that you’d be honored to have as a friend, neighbor and the person protecting your community.

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