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Recent APG gate breach raises obvious security concerns [Editorial]

So how secure are the APG gates? Not secure enough, we suspect.

If an unauthorized vehicle can get through the main employee/contractor gate at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and then turn around and go back out without ever being detained, what does that say about the security at this supposedly secure military installation?

A lot of people living around the post, or working on it, are asking that question since The Aegis reported on the incident that happened July 22, one which the APG U.S. Army Garrison acknowledges occurred. Details of the breach have been sparse and may never fully be made public. The Army said the incident is under investigation and has invited the person or persons involved to come forward. Fat chance of that happening.

So how secure are the APG gates? Not secure enough, we suspect.

There was a time when something like this might be seen for its comedic effect. Not any more. Good theater, it's not. The incident also raises the issue of using civilian personnel, as is the case at APG, rather than soldiers to provide security on the post. Yes, the military does it around the world and uses civilians and/or contractors to perform many other activities that were once assigned to soldiers. And, soldiers aren't any more or less infallible than civilians. Not having APG as secure as it should be would appear to be more of case of how/why, rather than who.

Surely, the Army and its civilian security force at APG will learn from the July 22 gate breach and take appropriate measures to prevent a recurrence. A full assessment is warranted and we have every reason to believe that's exactly what the Army's response has been. Meanwhile, let's all hope what happened last month wasn't some trial run for something more nefarious.

Chalk it up to a wake-up call this time. Just make sure something like it can't happen again.

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