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Harford County schools must engage parents for ideas; praise for outgoing social services director | READER COMMENTARY

School system must engage parents for ideas

In order to be a role model to my three children, who are Harford County Public School students, and show them how to manage unfairness, not feeling heard and well, anger, I am submitting this letter to the editor.

I am trying to raise teenagers who understand the importance of doing their part, that life has real consequences and the value of owning their uniqueness. These complicated issues require listening more than talking and working together to pull wisdom from all, not just some.


The Harford school system is making my job really difficult. I need help. Please follow through on your, “It takes a village” rhetoric by consistently seeking parents input in a real manner by having PTAs funnel up-to-date, school-based perspectives to you weekly. Real dialogue, not expensive surveys that seek to limit your ability to engage.

Do you know if we want to offer incentives to non-vaccinated teachers? Do you know if we want non-sport-related extracurricular activities canceled? Do you know our ideas on how to address learning while quarantined? Have you asked us what we think, what our ideas are and how to allocate funding? Better yet, have you asked your students?


Parents and students may just have some great ideas. Imagine if we felt heard and could be a part of the solutions.

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Julia Henry McGovern, Forest Hill

Praise for outgoing social services director

After more than 20 years of dedicated service as director of the Harford County Department of Social Services, Jerry Reyerson has decided to retire on Feb. 1. Guided by his unique level of passion, commitment, and energy, Jerry has been one of the major guiding lights in the county.

His leadership has been instrumental in making significant and lasting impacts on the families served by the department. Jerry not only offered lights of hope for many, but he will also leave a legacy, a legacy that will continue improving the quality of life for many families, children, and vulnerable adults in the county.

Jerry also has been that guiding light for the members of the Harford County Department of Social Services Advisory Board. His constant involvement and sharing of ideas combined with his emphasis on caring and kindness have made major differences in how the Advisory Board has been operating and supporting the mission of the Department of Social Services.

Leadership, they say, is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. Jerry has done all of that and so much more.

Lisa Cox, Steven Gambrill, Alicia Hamilton, Marlene Lieb, Mark Lovell, Andree Mountain, Sarah Ortiz-Brown, Denise Sconion, Maria Terry, Thomas Webber, Robert Wehland, Patrick Vincenti, Tony Wohlers

Members of the Harford County Department Social Services Advisory Board