Trees are Mother Nature’s gift | READER COMMENTARY

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Abingdon Woods is falling down. Thank Harford County government.

Sitting on my deck I hear the chain saws, so I go back into my house and close the door. But inside I can still hear them buzzing away at Mother Nature’s gifts to humanity, her trees.

These trees are being felled due to poor governance in Harford County; callous and greedy elected officials whose ears are deaf to the pleas and concerns of their constituents. They claim their hands are tied, claim to know what’s best for us and have installed themselves as the determiners of our quality of life, yet they want so little for us and so much for themselves. They are greedy and have been overfed.


The sounds of the chain saws mark their victory, but this is our time. We who elected them have the power to send them home.

We wonder why Mother Nature’s vengeance is so raw. She just sent a storm of protest to Harford County on July 12. Did you see it, feel it? How much more does she have to do to get our attention?


She has sent tornadoes and hurricanes, fires and floods, drought and famine. We take away the homes of her animals and she takes away some of ours. We damage her, she pays us back. We can’t win, we won’t win; Mother Nature will have her say.

So, if we are wise, we will take the opportunity fate has afforded us. This is an election year, and now is the time to speak with your votes. The chain saws have arrived in Harford County thanks to past and present misrepresentation on the executive and council levels. All of them must go; it is time for new leadership, unpaid apprentices and unsullied servants of the people.

It is up to you Harford County. Mother Nature is watching.

Jeanna Tillery


Tone down Cassilly enthusiasm

Having no knowledge to the contrary, I simply assume that Sam Kahl’s exaltation of Bob Cassilly is accurate (Open Forum, July 22). However, referring to Mr. Cassilly’s candidacy as a “once-in-a-lifetime chance for Harford County” smacks of gross hyperbole.

Mr. Kahl would be best advised to rein it in a tad.

Glenn Gall


Bel Air