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Glassman won’t address Abingdon Woods, so I changed parties to vote for Cassilly | READER COMMENTARY

Bob Cassilly served on the Harford County Council from 2002 until 2006. I attended council meetings and when bills or resolutions were introduced, I had questions. Questions about what the legislation really meant in layman’s terms. Bob seemed to ask the very same question I had and he got the answer I needed. He was familiar with the legislation and could determine the reason or need. He got to the heart of the issue right then and there.

After this four-year term, Bob was deployed to Iraq. He was elected state senator in 2014.


I have been working with the Save Abingdon Woods coalition. It has been difficult for the folks to express opinions about the degradation of the 300-plus acres of mature trees and sensitive wetlands.

County Executive Barry Glassman, for one reason or another, would not meet with citizens from the group. The current administration cared only that the outdated 1982 zoning was good enough and even put the property in the Enterprise Zone, handing out tax favors to build warehouses and retail we do not need.


Bob Cassilly met with the Save Abingdon Woods group, as did Del. Steve Johnson.

When Bob Cassilly announced he was running for county executive, I knew citizens could get a chance to have their voices heard and perhaps, just maybe, Harford County could get back on track.

My first thought was, ‘Bob has to win the July 19 primary election and I am a Democrat.’ I changed my party affiliation to Republican. Along with other Democrats who changed their voter registration, we will gladly put signs in our yards, wear his red T-shirts and most of all, vote for Bob Cassilly July 19.

Janet Hardy